Easy money gifting for all.

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Gifting money is great but...

It can be overcomplicated by technology, distance and miscommunication.

Less than 3 minutes to set up your first Bloom

Start a Bloom account for yourself or on behalf of any member of your family. For a one-time gift or regular donations.

Easy to onboard friends and family

Sometimes we need a little help to get things running. With a simplified password-protected system, you can easily set up an account for your loved ones to participate in Bloom.

Let your Bloom grow on its own

Either by inviting others to participate or using our low-risk investing tool.

How Bloom works

Connect your bank
We use secure banks connections to enable Bloom to connect to most of the bank accounts.
Cash-out anytime
Your funds are never locked-in Bloom. You can choose to transfer them to your Bank account of choice, anytime you'd like.
Transparent pricing
While in closed Beta, Bloom is free of charge. Afterward, we'll charge the minimum we can, with a tiny monthly fee (less than $3) to get your Bloom running.

Join the Beta waitlist

We're a small team dedicated to make the best service for you. The best way to show your support is to join our waitlist, we'll email you only when necessary, promised!